Who enrols patients into the study?
The paramedic attending an OHCA can enrol eligible patients by calling the APP desk. The APP will enrol the patient and inform the attending paramedic of the treatment allocation.

Who takes consent from ARREST patients?
In most cases, research paramedics from LAS will approach either the patient, or a consultee, for consent after the initial emergency has passed. There is also ethical approval for local hospital staff to take consent if it is more convenient.

If a patient is discharged before we could approach for consent, what do I do?
Hospital staff can send the patient a post-discharge letter that has information about the study, and asks whether they would consent to further contact.

If a patient does not speak English what should I do?
In the first instance, see if there are any family members who do. It may be more appropriate to seek a personal consultee declaration from an English speaking family member. If there is no family who speaks English, please get in touch with the trial team for assistance.

The patient passed away before I could approach anyone for consent, what data do I enter into the eCRF?
If a patient passes away we are able to collect non-identifiable baseline data. Once the consent section has been completed on the eCRF, the relevant fields to complete will remain.

A patient has replied to the post-discharge contact letter saying they do not want further contact. What should I do?
If they have only opted out of further contact we can still remotely collect mortality data. In this instance the patient should be marked as discharged prior to consent.

A patient was transferred to another hospital. Do I need to do anything?
Liaise with the LAS research staff so they can keep track of the patient. Generally, the patient will be assigned on the eCRF to whichever hospital they were admitted to for the longest. Accruals are split on a 50/50 basis between any hospitals involved in a transfer.

How will I know if we have received an ARREST patient?
The LAS research paramedics will be in touch, usually the next working day, to inform you if a patient has been delivered.

If a patient is discharged before 30 days, and I wasn’t able to complete their 30 day follow up before discharge, can I call the patient to do it over the phone?
Yes, unless the patient has asked not to be contacted by phone.

If a patient is a non-UK resident and they have been discharged before we could approach for consent, what do I do?
Mark the patient as declining consent. We cannot send the post-discharge contact letter without their address, and we would be unable to collect any further data from non-UK residents.

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